58 – Olivia Piana

We’ve been planning to sit down with Olivia ever since she did her world record downwind challenge, but we’ve never been able to make it work – she’s so busy! This week was the week, even having to bail the first time because Liam was caught by the dreaded Covid……

A great chat was had though – as we’d suspected! Olivia runs us through the current goings on in her life including a very fun sounding trip to Tenerife to shoot with the AXIS crew.

We catch up on the Downwind challenge she did last year and also hear some rather amusing stories about her time competing on the GWA events….

Another friend of the podcast is made – we look forward to hopefully bumping into Olivia somewhere in the world!

If you like what we do, check out buymeacoffee.com/gfpodcast – we’re aiming to get ourselves away on some specific trips this year to make sure we have some great people to chat to, and we’d appreciate all the support we can get to bring our ideas to life!

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