The origins of the Generic Foiling Podcast

The generic foiling pod – a podcast for enthusiasts of any/all foiling disciplines! GFP is a passion project by Liam Proctor & Freddie Oldfield; Old friends and both long term employees within the watersports industry both suffering from a serious case of ‘foil brain’! Whether it’s kite/wing/wake/surf/sup/pump foil they’re doing it or learning it and have a lot of experience, knowledge and banta to share. They’ve even been known to mention e-foiling…

The idea for the podcast came about after countless van journeys on route to the beach together talking about the industry and new gear on the way there and the session, conditions and progression on the way back. Despite both working in watersports and spending all working week talking with customers on all aspects of foiling, the conversation still flowed for every minute of the journey and it seemed appropriate to share this with the world and get others in on the conversation. Listen to the podcast to; be entertained by the dynamic duo, hear about their sessions & what they learn from them, honest reviews on a variety of gear used and technical break downs of gear setup and technique as well as a deep dive into some of the scientific principles behind our foiling sports. GFP represents a refreshingly down to earth addition to and commentary on the foiling industry and is sure to leave you entertained whilst you potentially learn something invaluable every now and then!

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Who We Are

Your loyal Generic Foiling Podcast Co-Hosts, Prince Harry & Fred Dibnah 

Liam Proctor

Foiling ginger ninja.

Likes: Rules, being told what to do & modern cars.

Dislikes: Bananas, coffee & F-One

Frederick von Oldfield

Happy go lucky northerner that’s always high on life.

Likes: Road rage, Duotone & beer.

Dislikes: Cholula, cooking & rugby