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Welcome to the World’s #1 foiling podcast.
Wing/Prone/Downwind/Kite/SUP foiling chat
brought to you by Freddie Oldfield and Liam Proctor.

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Go on, have a little listen. Be warned: It has been known to make grown men laugh out loud even mid gym session. Why our friend was listening to us in the gym we don’t quite know…

If you’re new to our podcasts and want to start from the beginning…..the early ones weren’t quite the polished masterpieces we put out nowadays so stick with it. 

59 – Sunday Chinwags

A Sunday mornings ramble over a few items written hastily into an agenda – as is becoming a fun tradition. t-shirt chat The Sydney Downwind race F-One’s handle decisions…. longer fuses bigger boards (again)

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58 – Olivia Piana

We’ve been planning to sit down with Olivia ever since she did her world record downwind challenge, but we’ve never been able to make it work – she’s so busy! This week was the week, even having to bail the first time because Liam...

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57 – A Van Chat – Some Dicks of Foiling

A quick one today, en route back from the beach after a mixed session. As always Liam has things on his mind that he wishes to share with the foiling world, and Freddie couldn’t give a damn and is happy to go along with...

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56 – Ellie Aldridge – The UK’s Olympic Hopeful

Ellie is a kite racer. A very good kite racer. She’s qualified for the Olympics in July 2024 to represent the UK – which means she takes foiling far more seriously than Liam and Freddie do. This week she gives us a run down...

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Show Hosts

Liam Proctor

Foiling ginger ninja.

Likes: Rules, being told what to do & modern cars.

Dislikes: Bananas, coffee & F-One

Freddie Oldfield

Happy go lucky northerner that’s always high on life.

Likes: Road rage, Duotone & beer.

Dislikes: Cholula, cooking & rugby

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