50 – The Big 5 0 – Liam and Freddie back in the hot seats

Its been emotional, but we’ve made it to 50 bloody episodes. Back to our roots with episodes like this – hope you enjoy it.

We discuss a few of the most recent goings on in the foiling world – most importantly, our Manera Socks R&D work has been delayed until the new year. We won’t blame Julien though as he’s just as annoyed as us to have to ask Santa for new socks instead of making his own……

HM masts, Foildrive’s, Ozone Fusions, Guy Bridge’s impressive list of breaking stuff – we ramble about it all!

We’ve also setup an account at buymeacoffee.com/gfpodcast. I hate writing about money so here’s what Liam managed to come up with:

‘Buy the dynamic duo a beer each month to keep them motivated to get the shitty editing jobs done and pump out the biggest (and most professional) foiling podcast in the world.

Support Freddie and Liam on a monthly basis

Feel an enormous sense of self pride for helping Freddie and Liam remain independent from big brand sponsorship

Allow us to entertain some silly ideas that may well take some financial involvement on our part’

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2 comments on “50 – The Big 5 0 – Liam and Freddie back in the hot seats

  1. Peter J Lataille says:

    Hi guys,
    I Love the podcast and listen quite often . I haven’t lately due to being so busy working and building boards. Just today, a foiling buddy of mine told me to listen to episode 50. Too funny! I’m Peter J Lataille , the guy from Maine, who uses carbon fiber arrow shafts for foil board reinforcements. Thanks for noticing! Lightweight and strong is definitely what I’m going for. Keep up the good work . A fantastic podcast! . I can be found – #oldfoildog on IG
    For more pics or FB Board and Hydrofoil building.

  2. Peter J Lataille says:

    If you guys ever want to chat about DIY boards and foils, it’s my favorite topic of conversation. Ask my wife!

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