55 – Secret Special Guest | Foil Drivering | Eating Humble Pie | Finger Blasting and more

A lovely catch up and debrief on the previous weeks shenanigans between Freddie and Liam is very rudely interrupted by Mr FoilDrive Europe himself again – the man can’t help but Plug!

What actually happened is Freddie enjoyed his time finger blasting on the FoilDrive the previous week so much, that Liam thought it’d be funny to get Dom involved to tell him ‘I bloody told you so’…….

We discuss our findings of some pretty serious time on the Foildrive and a SUP foil finally before Dom jumps in.

Thanks as ever to Rich at KIteBarn for allowing us the opportunity to look after his beloved Cat for a week while he took the family away skiing – where in turn we could utilise his 30 second trip to the beach and epic waves…..!

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