54 – Clinton Filen – AK , Airush and Freewing – Brand and Development Director

Clinton Filen is the Brand and Development Director for AK Durables, Freewing and Airush Kiteboarding. That’s a pretty sick title.

Mike Birt was all excited about his new found fame off the back of Episode 52 and very kindly passed on our details to Clinton in order to get him on ASAP.

A great, chilled chat with a very bright bloke in charge of another major player in the Industry. Based out of South Africa, Clinton gives us a run down of the Cape Town scene, while giving us a great background into his beginnings and how he came to be where he is now. He also chats through the AK/Airush/Freewing history and talks through the product range that seems to be hitting the mark right now in foiling as well as the latest and greatest in dog bed design.

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