53 – Welcome to Brown Town

A nice steady start to 2024 for us – Freddie needed a gentle chat to ease him in after finding out first hand why everyones so pissed off about sewage outlets releasing straight into the UK’s coastal beach towns water….

We’ve also had numerous sessions over a busy Christmas period while the winds been howling over here. Most notably is the fateful browntown session of Freddies on NYE where he did a sizeable ‘wingdingdownwinder’ alongside a few SUP foilers and has seen the light!

Liams got plenty going on – with more sessions under his belt on the SK8/PhantomS back to back for a comparison, as well as recieving his downwind board blank ready to laminate in the next 1-9 months…..

Sit back and enjoy! If you like what we’re doing, we’re saving for a trip away to AWSI this year to bring more content – feel free to help support at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/gfpodcast.

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