52 – WangLordz Christmas Special

Its Christmas time, so what better way to celebrate than to get the 4 Wanglordz into a hot tub and ply them with beers for many hours?

It wasn’t all merryment… we surprised ourselves with the amount of legitimate foiling-related chat. Rich and Chris give us the run down on the ‘new generation’ of foils that are hitting the market that promise huge speed ranges, and combined glide and pumpability that we haven’t seen until now. Freddie tells the story of the downwind session with Liam in North Cornwall that resulted in his 3.6m wing getting irrepairably damaged. Many foiling related items get thrown in room 101 and the gang get nostalgic on the past year and beyond.

Whatever you are doing, we hope you have a brilliant Christmas and we look forward to sharing more episodes with you in the new year.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Fuck Duotone.

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