49 – Nick Leason – Lift Foils

This week the Generic Foiling Podcast is back at you with one of foiling’s big dogs and one of the real OGs, Nick Leason of Lift Foils. Tune in to learn about the history of the sport as a whole, and the early development of the products which paved the way for the refined flying machines we ride today. Nick tells the Lift story, how the brand came to be, the successes and mistakes it has taken to get to where they are now, and how he sees the future both personally, and from a business perspective. Nick tells us how the business prioritises the development of its efoil products vs surf foil products given the sizeable difference in revenue contribution. We also dive into the future of the electronically assisted foil products. Will lift create a ‘foil assist’ product or do they see a different future for that market segment?

This was an extremely interesting conversation and is definitely one we’ll be re-listening to ourselves in the future.

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