47 – Julien Salles – F-One Foils and Manera Socks

A fantastic chat with the man in charge of one of the most successful companies in foiling. Julien Salles is the General Manager of F-One – he runs all disciplines of the company including his own personal baby, Manera.

The son of the founder, Julien gives us a run down of how his position within the business has changed over the years and how it was during the early years of F-One.

F-one shouldn’t need any introduction to anyone in foiling – they hit the nail on the head so early on with their Swing Wing and have backed that up with not only more wings, but also a fantastic range of foils and a solid board selection. How has a reasonably small french company done so well globally?

A great chilled chat with a sound bloke – we both really enjoyed how laid back this one was – and we look forward to receiving our new pairs of Manera socks in the mail!

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