46 – Kernow Foil Classic Debrief (The event of the year!!!)

This is a big one! The Kernow Foil Classic will go down in all time history as one of the most significant events in foiling in the UK (and worldwide in our biased opinion). It deserved a proper debrief, especially given that Freddie wasn’t there! All founding Wang Lordz committed to driving an hour or so to meet up at a central location in a pub on the A30. The first 4 way conversation we’ve done, and we’ve done it with pints, mixel grills and bloody football on in the background…. lets just say the editing was time consuming.

So, October 2023 saw the UK’s first surf foil competition down in Cornwall hosted by Chris Burke/Poseidon and his team, and it couldn’t have gone better. Loads of riders and perfect conditions for it. In this episode event organiser Chris and event judges Liam and Rich fill Freddie in on what he missed by having to work elsewhere that weekend instead.

Make sure you commit some time to listening to this one, we guarantee you’ll enjoy it. And if you don’t, you know the score! *!$% Duotone.

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