45 – Chris Burke Becomes a Wang Lord – Kernow Foil Classic Surf Comp

The boys are back in town! Freddie and Liam get Chris Burke back on to provide the inside scoop on the upcoming Poseidon Kernow Foil Classic which is proudly supported by the Generic Foiling Podcast, Kite Barn and the WanglordZ. The prizes we are donating will set a new precedent within watersports competitions worldwide.

In this episode we also chat about:

– Some half truths to do with Mikes Lab

– Some unsubstantiated rumours

– How wing freestyle might have become cool

– How everything in life is fashion driven

– How not to set the world record for fastest e-foiling

– How to identify the best passionate shops to seek product guidance and foiling knowledge.

– How to make the most of both lessons and coaching sessions.

– How to get the best deal from retailers

– How to upset retailers



P.S: Freddie has decided he doesn’t want to read adverts in return for money (especially from D**shite), so we might need you to give us some soon if we are ever going to get to AWSI/Oz/Hawaii before the decade is out to bring you silly foiling content like you’ve never heard it before. Get saving your pennies!

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