40 – Oskar Johansson

Fresh off his awesome 2nd place finish at M2O in Hawaii, we finally get to sit down with Oskar and chat. Big Jimmy C ruined our chances of talking to ‘Oscar the winner of M20’, and so first placed loser is all we managed to get, but we’ll make do! (Those of you who can’t take a joke ought to unfollow us)

We’ve been pinging messages back and forth for months, casually flirting away and finally the perfectly scheduled time slot opened up for us all. What a great bloke and even better ambassador for the sport – this definitely wont be the last time we chat to Oskar, we just hope he’s keen for a second date!

This chat goes straight straight in, no kissing.

  • Downwind racing
  • Covid
  • Gear progression
  • Fat People
  • Wing downwind Vs. Paddle downwind
  • Pro Model kit
  • How do we get someone to pay for us to visit AWSI?

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