38 – Armie Armstrong & Armstrong Foils

We finally managed to schedule in a sit down with Mr Armstrong after weeks of trying – the mans been all over the shop recently and finding a time zone was proving difficult! From New Zealand to China to the States to Maui, he has been all over in the last couple of months!

We ended up having a fantastic couple of hours discussing all things Foiling and Armstrong as well as his recent completion of the Maui to Molokai downwind race in preperation for the big Molokai to Oahu later this month.

We talk XPS wings, the HA origins, Armies links with the NZ sailing lot – tonnes of gems in this one and hopefully it comes across how much fun we had.

follow us on social media, we managed to use a different group chat function for this one so managed to get some video and some shorts out of it we’ll aim to release soon enough too

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