33 – Short Stories with our favourite Industry Vets

Episode 33 see’s us trying something different again – we’re doing live interviews now. But don’t worry, we’re just as bad at these as we are doing regular ‘studio’ recordings. Shaky microphones, loud noises and interuptions everywhere – those of you after prime audio will be spitting feathers!

However, it only seemed right to get some wisdom from the Industry veterans on the beach in Littlehampton this weekend just gone, and try show you the listeners some insight into the inner workings of some of the brands we know and love.

Today’s episode Liam and I had a catch up on the goings on of the event we were at – IKSURF and Tonic Mag’s demo weekend at Littlehampton on the south coast of the UK. We chat with Liam Dredge who is part of the GWA and GKA global events commentary team – he gives us a run through of life on the event calendar and what we can expect from them coming up. Good pal and UK Cabrinha rider Jack gives us a run down of his recent goings on and Tris from the OTC gives us some insight into the hot products coming out of Armstrong at the moment

We hope you enjoy the spontaneity and spur of the moment questioning, because i’ve got another entire episode with some of the other faces and names from the weekends – working with brands you all know and love. Keep an eye out for that one very soon too!

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