32 – Wake foiling, F-ones HM Carbon masts and E-Foiling experience

Today Liam and Freddie catch up together to discuss a few new topics as well as dissecting recent sessions –

  • Liams interested in finding out more about why Wake foiling hasn’t taken off as much over here in the UK and we discuss whether we think it will or not.
  • Liam has been in comms with Charles, F-One designer again asking technical questions on the new HM masts from the brand. Charles tells us the design ideas around the latest offerings.
  • The King of the Roads event in Falmouth a couple weeks back and the downwinding chat hosted by Glenn from Ocean Sports Centre
  • Freddies been prone foiling and is actually getting somewhere with progression…. and Liams been playing around on a couple Flite E-Foils

We’ll both be down at Littlehampton on the south coast next weekend (9/10/11th June) for the IKSURF and TONIC mag demo weekend. Freddie will be there with everything from Ozone and Axis on show (and we’re hoping the new Ozone Flux wing will arrive just in time for it!), and Liam will be mooching around like all good journalists do. Come and say hey to both of us – its always good to meet likeminded wangers!

for now we hope the waves come back soon! follow us on instagram for more up to date conversations and ping us a message on there or via email with any questions!



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