30 – Chris Burke – Poseidon Watersports

Welcome to Chris Burke onto the podcast – a good friend of ours and top shredder who runs a successful kite and wing school in Poole while now taking on a new shop Venture in Newquay.

I’ve known Chris for many years and it was high time we got his intel and knowledge onto the podcast. He’s got a great grasp on the industry as a whole while also knowing how to style out his riding on the water. Winging and foiling have transformed his water time as it has the rest of us – and here he gives us his run down on his history and what’s kept him frothing on foiling.

If you’re around the south west, go give Chris a shout in the shop and see his awesome foil wall. Tell your mates about the podcast if you haven’t already, and follow us on the socials!


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