28 – Casey Catch Up | GFP Edition – Code Foils

The plan was to sit down with old mate Jimmy for a 10-15 minute catch up on his new venture with Code Foils – but Liam and James ended up chatting for ages, so we’re releasing it as a solo episode. Maybe this is a new side to GFP once in a while, smaller catch ups with interviewees about certain subjects that are hitting the limelight.

The boys discuss:

-The origins of Code Foils

-The team behind the brand

-How he ended up involved

-Foil development

-What he’s up to at the minute and got coming up

-Preparing for M2O

-Potential taglines for the brand

-Foil marketing nonsense

and much more…

You’ll have to forgive the audio quality on this one, it wasn’t intended to be a long episode and James was in an airport terminal! Catch up soon.


Code Foils

James Casey

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