27 – Tom Earl – Prone Surfing in the UK

Please welcome Tom Earl onto the Podcast – A member of Unifoils international team of riders and undoubtably the UK’s most prominent prone foil surfer.

Freddie was down in Cornwall a couple weeks back and managed to persuade Tom to come for a chinwag over Zoom with Liam back in Devon. We managed a mini session beforehand but Freddie ballsed up the timings and got in at the wrong tide, only to watch Tom smashing a few waves before getting out as the waves dissapeared…..

Tom may have only been foiling for a couple of years but has steadily built a solid following of riders who want to watch footage of his smooth style at his home spot down in Kernowfornia. A competitive surfer ever since he was a kid growing up in the surf mecca of the UK – Newquay – Tom took to foiling naturally, and has obviously been drawn to a more shortboard surf style of foiling. For us, this was great to chat about as coming from a windsports background we have a different angle of appreciation.

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