26 – F-One’s Foil and Board Designer – Charles Bertrand

This week we got to chat with Charles Bertrand, a naval architect who’s worked as part of the foil and board design team at F-One for approx 12 years. Liam talks all things engineering with Charles, learning how they go from a new product brief to a fully working item on the market, while Freddie twiddles his thumbs in the corner not really understanding much of what the other two talk about.

What’ve F-one got in the pipeline? Where does the company aim to place itself in the market? How does using less HM carbon in some of the front wings can actually become of benefit? We delve into a tonne of rabbit holes.

Enjoy the episode, it’s a techy one! Share with your mates and follow us on instagram and facebook for more upcoming info – we did 2 further interviews last week that we look forward to releasing over the coming weeks.

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