25 – Poems with Proctor, Dealing with bad crashes, Gong thoughts and ideas for a real life event of our own

A real mish mash of ideas in this weeks episode, starting with our new section called ‘Poems with Proctor’. After last weeks episode with Mike Raper there were major calls for more Poetry to be read out by Liam (not really, but we thought we’d do more anyway). Can you guess which promotional video this weeks poem is from??

We discuss a session in Bantham once more that could’ve ended a lot worse than it did, but was still very slightly terrifying for Freddie – we all have bad sessions, its just a case of figuring out how to deal with them and stay safe!

Freddie visited Gong last week, and the instagram video released by us caused a few people to get in contact with their thoughts – which we encourage and enjoyed discussing further.

and finally, we’re seriously toying with the idea of hosting an afternoon/evenings event later in the year in order to get together with our listeners and have a chin wag about all things foiling. The idea being to offer our listeners the ability to come and chat with some industry folk in a less sales orientated way but an ability to have chats with the brands you want to talk to and to attend a few clinics run by board builders and coaches to hopefully learn some way of improving your kit selection and/or riding too. Obviously beer and food would be involved also. Would anyone be interested? If so, let us know what things you may want to do and even where you think it may be best being held. We’re currently toying with the idea of south coast/Poole direction due to the vast majority of wingers down there, but also maybe Exeter/Exmouth (the home of the generic foiling podcast).

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