24 – Mike Raper – North Foiling

This week we sat across Zoom to chat to Mike Raper – Brand Manager and Co-founder at North Kiteboarding and North Foils, all the way over in Auckland, NZ. Mikes been around the watersports industry for a very long time and has held numerous senior positions within it – initially with the Pryde Group and Cabrinha Kites, and now running the ever successful North Kiteboarding and North Foils.

Liam and I both enjoyed Mikes interview on the Progression Project back in October 2022, and jumped at the chance to have a chin wag with him – although both very conscious that our interview would likely be quite a different style! For anyone who wants to know more about Mikes early days in the Industry and how he got his start, we urge you to go and listen to that episode – its a banger. We tried to come up with a different way of talking foiling with him, delving deeper into the North brand, its kit and the production behind it. A little of summary of some stand out questions you can come to expect….

  • Mikes role overall in North and how their side of the business compares with the Sailing side
  • Mikes thoughts on product life cycles, yearly versions or 12 month product years and where North will be in the future
  • a delve into the production process in North from start to finish
  • Norths take on the Mast stiffness trend
  • Where did Norths Brand image come from….. and whats with those promotional videos….?!
  • Norths wing material development
  • Tom Bridges new modelling career with North Apparel

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