21 – Will Foiling be Banned?

Welcome back to a week with Liam and Freddie! We catch up on a busy couple of weeks after our last two episodes released were interviews. Check out Episodes 19 and 20 with Wieger from Appletree boards and Rob Claisse from Progression instructional kite and foil coaching – these were both great chats and very well recieved by those who have listened already.

We’ve had three wing sessions and a couple of Prone sessions in the time since these episodes were released, and theres plenty to dissect from them!

Liams got himself a blank from the boys over at Swift Foilboards and is pretty dang excited to get it glassed up properly and in the water asap.

We spend some time discussing the safety concerns of surfers around foiling most specifically in Cornwall. Again we’re completely out of our depth with the finer details of the discussion, but after some messages to and fro with Tom Earl down in Newquay it became apparent that there may be an issue forming that may explode in the near future. This lead us on to wondering whether we should be reaching out and chatting to those who are concerned at the likes of the RNLI over here in the UK – we wonder what their take is on the discipline so far, and how do we train the public in how to react when they see something new like a foil in the water?

Until next week – we hope everyone gets out in the water! there looks to be wind and swell on the cards over here for the UK while it also stays super cold before spring kicks in….

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