19 – Wieger Buurma – Appletree Surfboards Founder

A great episode for those of you interested in the nitty gritty side of board design and the best in the business production methodology. Wieger is the Co-founder and head shaper for Appletree Surfboards. In this episode he explains how Appletree set themselves apart from the competition and came to manufacture boards with their vacuum infusion production process and why this is so suitable for both the kite surfboards, for which they first became well known, and PERFECT for any foil board which needs to be light, stiff and durable.

Wieger talks us through the origins and growth of his company and brand and how the explosion of foiling disciplines has affected the operations and future outlook of the business. Why did they move the entire production process to Portugal and stay in the EU? He details their environmental motivations and successes which Appletree aims to maximise by not only producing their own product in house but bringing production back from Asia for other brands too. They aim to improve the quality of kit on the market overall.

Liam pushes to find out Wieger’s thoughts on some argueably marketing driven design features from other brands over the years as well as how he balances the inputs into his brand’s designs…..How much do you take into consideration customer demands? how much do you take into consideration pro rider feedback? and how much do you follow your instincts and personal feedback as a designer?

52 min – Discussing Appletrees move to building their own unique foilboxes having invested in their own injection moulding tooling

1hr 17 min – what’s Appletree got coming for 2023?

1hr 19 min – Downwind chat

1hr 28 min – does weight matter in boards?

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