16 – Wang Lordz – Liam, Freddie and Rich

Episode 16 see’s us sitting down with Richy B of Episide 12 fame for a threeway conversation, discussing our freezing session a couple weeks back at Daymer Bay in Cornwall and leading into many different winging conversations.

  • Harnesses – yay or nay? Maybe super useful when its sub 10 degrees water and air temperature….
  • What Safety techniques do we use for ditching kit when having waves crash on us?
  • Rich’s thoughts on the Smaller board debate after listening to Episode 14
  • What’re these new MA wings about?
  • Hard or Soft Handles on wing and our thoughts on them
  • Is Richy gonna be loving the Downwinding?

We’ve dubbed ourselves the Wang Lordz, and merchandise will be coming soon. It’s stupid, but so are we. We’d like to get Rich on the podcast every now n again to have a general chin wag about the foil industry and whats going on, so look out for any episodes titled anything ‘Wang Lordz’ related. Otherwise we’ve got a growing list of people we’d like to interview and even a few people reaching out to us – so expect to see more of a routine of interview one week, Liam and Myself the next. The episodes dissecting some techy side of the industry haved proven to be super popular (think HM masts in Ep13 or fuselage sizes in Ep10)

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