15 – Jake Kelsick & Antigua

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Podcast Summary:
Jake Kelsick is a professional kiteboarder, a long term professional in the watersports industry, founder and owner of his own kitesurfing/wingfoiling school in Antigua and one of the best online content creators out there.
00:00 intro
05:40 About Jake Kelsick & his intro to watersports and inspirations
08:35 Jake’s school and his foil coaching system
10:05 Jake’s foiling journey
13:45 Jake’s wingfoil setup
15:50 North Sonar HA 850
16:35 Jake’s riding style and motivations
21:05 Jake’s journey into youtube and online content creation
25:05 The future
33:55 Experimenting with different gear & North Kiteboarding & foils.
42:35 “Study it as a business” & “Find yourself a mentor” & “Believe in your idea”
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