14 – Low volume sinker boards – Has Liam been won over?

Liam and Freddie are back and more hyped than ever for The Generic Foiling Podcast in 2023. The conditions lined up for a homespot session in Exmouth together the day after Liam’s return from Antigua so the boys got to wing together then record the first podcast of the year in person.

In this episode the boys discuss the benefits and restrictions of low volume wing boards as Liam has spent a lot of time on the 41L North swell board. Listen to find out what he thinks of this particular model and what you should consider before trying or buying a ‘half bodyweight’ board.

Find out all about the best winging wave spot for intermediates and above in Antigua – ‘Half moon bay’

And as well as some news items and catching up the boys also talk about something important to the two of them moving forward with The Generic Foiling Podcast project.