12 – Big Richy B ‘The Godfather of UK Winging’

Big Rich Boughton lives in South Devon, and it was on the journeys to see Rich at his home spot of Bantham that Liam and I came up with the idea of starting to record a podcast to see if anyone was interested in our ramblings.

Rich runs www.Kitebarn.co.uk – a front of house website to showcase his online retail outlet as well as his kite and wing repair business. In his ‘spare’ time, Rich is the technical editor of ‘The Foiling Magazine’ and ‘The Kite Mag’ (the latter of which his wife Sarah is the editor for). The Boughtons also used to distribute JN kites in the UK, way back when twin tipping was still a thing….. You can say they’re well versed in the watersports and windsports industry in the UK, and it definitely won’t be the last time we sit down with Richy.

Having always generally preferred to work in the background of the industry, Richy was sceptical about getting involved in a podcast episode until now, when i asked him to jump in and help while Liam was away – Hopefully you’ll all agree that his knowledge and charm well deserves air time! His work with the magazines as their chief testerer means he’s played on almost every foil you can imagine, and his repair work means he’s worked with every wing as well (including our own)

This first episode with Rich discusses the history of Banthams ever growing foiling journey, as well as his favourite foils and what he uses them for. We then also have a little discussion at the end on Gong as a brand – this definitely could be delved into deeper in the future!

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